keskiviikko 3. huhtikuuta 2013

In the middle of the hellstorm...

Oulu Palaa DIY Fest is a festival taking place at Ykä's Pub, in city of Oulu, Finland. There will be in- and outside stages for bands to perform, back-line in each stage, backstage with benefits lof vegan food and cold drinks. For paid visitors there is of course, the music!, also festival area includes a pizzaplace, the pub, cloakroom and bathroom. We, the organizers pay the costs, as far as possible from our own pockets, from ticket sale and from possible support of City of Oulu.

Bands performing in Oulu Palaa festival at the moment is following: 


Daknomania (Kuopio)
Aras (Oulu)
Ylivallan Orjat (Turku)
Identiteettikriisi (Turku)
Arrestum (Jyväskylä)
Temppeliherrat (Rovaniemi)
Dr. Barmental (RUS)
Death Trip (Oulu)
Nistikko (Rovaniemi)
Disare (Tre)
Tre Homones (S:kylä)


Tulukset (Oulu)
Ydintuho (Kuusamo)
Abortti 13 (Turku)
Viharikos (Tre)
Melusaaste (Hki)
Silminnäkijä (Tre)
Kuolema (Hki)
Kohu-63 (Tre)
Dödeskaden (SWE)
Kolmannen Asteen Kuulustelu (Tornio)


Oulu palaa (Oulu is burning) refers, first of all, to the fire in cityscape of Oulu in 1822, when 330 houses burned down when only 65 houses survived from the fire, About 3000 people were left homeless. Inmate buildings were the primary principle objective, instead of facade of the city. Oulu palaa festival supports this mentality in modern Oulu. In 1978, city of Oulu made protection order to these over 100 years old buildings. Before final order, mysterious arson took place. ”Grand conspiracy or mutual athmosphere”*. To repair or to avoid fine from purposely decayed buildings, motive of construction company seems too clear. Unfortunately, nowadays city of Oulu invests in technology, shopping malls (as any other city in finland) and parking halls, leaving tiny contribution for the underpriviledged. Our agenda is to get people interested in this matter and enchance the possibilities of the northern concrete jungle by the bay of bothnia...

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